Text 11 Jun Parsing the CFDA fashion, Oscar’s winner

Annual fashion oscars, “CFDA” American fashion designer association awards unveiled on June 3, all awards: the annual women’s fashion designer for the third time by the Proenza Schouler two handsome won, Oscar DE la renta founder Eleanor Lambert award, Givenchy designer Riccardo Tisci international designer awards, Thom Browne took annual menswear designer again, Phillip Lim, won the annual accessories designer, Suno swarovski couture designer awards, Vera Wang received the lifetime achievement award. This New York fashion big geek you are understood? Know in these fashions higher-ups under the leadership of the focus of these season and next season trends and item?

CFDA 2013 Eleanor Lambert Founders Award:  Oscar de la Renta
It has been in New York fashion spelled more than 50 years of Oscar DE la Renta, founder of the foundation awards. Since the company founded in 1973, Oscar De La Renta, this Label is the toast of New York society, he served the star of the number of celebrity to count. CFDA more this year, former U.S. secretary of state Hilary Clinton for his presentation, attention to the Oscar De La Renta.
The designer two or three things
1. Oscar DE la Renta, originally from the Dominican people did for Balmain high intern, so he became the first high set the Dominicans in the internship in Paris.
2. New York fashion famous snake Cathy Horyn before use the word hot dogs to describe Oscar DE la Renta 2013 spring and summer series, angered Oscar, he directly in the WWD replied: “I accept and respect any criticism can help us to develop and progress, I’ve been in continuously improve their own design, but this comment is let I can’t accept her private for, if she says I am hot, I can tell you that she put three days is hamburger?”
3. Oscar’s charity as the old man, is the President of the multiple charitable foundation.
Show the trend:
It is from Oscar DE la renta name not the same as in the finery of each season, there are some very hard people. Because the design of the Oscar, is high in general, for “beauty” is not there to trend, although each season dress more or less the same, but like Oscar himself said, his each season to improve is in change, just from the evolution of the printing (figure) can see out the man the attentive and hard work, each season can be an eternal classic elegance.

CFDA 2013 the international designer award: Riccardo Tisci for Givenchy
Just 40, he has such a result, selected by the Givenchy 2005 arguably pioneered the young designers, and veteran Fashion House combined with the new era; Givenchy has been in the industry to the Minimalist design style, delicate clipping skill, strong color, its classic elegant style of natural self-evident. He makes the fashion concise. Let the fashion more plain is an endless aftertaste. In the design of Tisci, you can feel his Italian DNA, affected by the London, Paris and of course, the Givenchy itself strong colour, said he was “International” nobody would disagree with.
The designer two or three things
1. Riccardo Tisci Muse is Audrey Hepburn, is the embodiment of Givenchy elegant representative.
2. Wear a gossip a today, said Riccardo Tisci is working with new black R&B singer Frank Ocean in dating.
3. Riccardo Tisci recently designed for small days, Rihanna’s concert costumes won widespread praise, singer before cooperation, of course, also including Gaga and behind. Bigbang captained G - dragon is also a die-hard fan. Also once took a “Giyonchy” hat running around.
Show the trend:
Spring and summer of Givenchy shows (left) occupied by a sense of “sunshine,” “sunshine” is embodied in the colour light blue, as well as different levels of grey into the cool in the black and white; Reflect on the profile is the use of large ruffled, collar, shoulders the falbala of gentle like the wings of the angel and the stereo; Reflect on the fabric is organza, tulle fabrics apply, light straight. Autumn/winter show (right) design concept is defined as “Victoria” when the gypsy in the romantic, gypsy with Victoria this two completely different style collision out sparks.

CFDA 2013 Women’s fashion designer of the year award: Proenza Schouler Double Team
As Alexander Wang also listed the best women’s clothing and accessories, two designs award Proenza Schouler duo: Jack McCollough and Lazaro Hernandez, favored by the CFDA again this year, won the best couturiers awards, two people this is the third time he got the prize, believe that many people guessed the result.
The designer two or three things
1. The Proenza Schouler brand name couldn’t seem to find the two designers, had intended to call Hernandez McCollough or McCollough Hernandez, may also be Jack Lazaro or Lazaro, Jack, but always feel to together don’t build, finally decided to use two mother’s surname, although also pretty bad to read, but the feeling is very special, also very international.
2. One day in 2000, Lazaro Hernandez and the devil wears prada, Anna Wintour slammed with on a plane, Hernandez had the courage to rush forward, then write love of fashion and on a napkin on idol admiration, Joe stewardess give Anna Wintour slammed. A few weeks later, he got Anna recommended in the Michael Kors found an internship.
Show the trend:
Proenza Schouler dress with a neutral and Hale and strong image of the modern city girls. 2013 spring and summer series (right 2, 3), the avant-garde lizard leather and lively, fluorescent color foil under the stereo clipping of structuralism is especially strong personality. And early autumn series (left 1), both in cut and color on increased a little taste of soft, “catwalk” feeling less and fact wear resistance is quite high.

CFDA 2013 Swarovski Award for Womenswear: Erin Beatty and Max Osterweis (Suno Designers)
Long-term sponsorship CFDA awards of swarovski, open the individual awards, to commend and encourage fashion design new people. This year’s swarovski couture prize awarded to the young brand Suno two designer Erin Beatty and Max Osterweis. “New York design, made in Kenya” is the biggest characteristic of Suno, printing and geometric clever union, national wind and the balance of contemporary feeling, full of feminine lines and clipping, received to include Obama’s wife, Rachel Bilson, numerous celebrities. In addition to women’s clothing, Suno home accessory of design also is quite good, also for Nicholas Kirkwood and Pamela Love, shoes and jewelry design.
The designer two or three things
1. Suno founded the original idea of brand, is from Kenya in 2008 election violence, as an independent filmmaker’s Max Osterweis long trips with the United States and Kenya, when after the incident, he wants to create more jobs to help the economy of this country, so hand in hand friends Erin Beatty founded the “New York design, made in Kenya” Suno. Almost 80% of the fabric and process is done in Kenya.
2. Suno is named Max Osterweis mother, because she inspired Max view of fashion, the second is due to the reason with his mother made him the first-time visit to Kenya.
Show the trend:
Long favoured Suno printing, the printing of the spring/summer 2013 shows undoubtedly also is one of the biggest attractions. Pure and fresh and unique printing full of thick flavour restoring ancient ways, graceful. And joining together with geometric patterns, as well as the use of reflective fabrics, it represents New York city.

CFDA 2013 best deserved to act the role as the designer: Phillip Lim
As early as 7, years already took the womenswear designer of the CFDA awards of the Phillip Lim, the best accessories prize, for his career the biggest affirmation. Classic 31 Hour and Pashili handbags have been listed in the star’s favorite bag in it, and spring/summer 13 years shows that a few double close - toe on Roman sandals also revealed a copycat. So Philliip Lim won this award, it should be no dispute.
The designer two or three things
1. In the autumn of 2005, Lin ping (Phillip Lim) and his partner Ms. Zhou (Wen Zhou) founded the clothing brand with 3.1 Phillip Lim. When two people are 31 years old, and they will put the brand name of 3.1 Phillip Lim.
2. Phillip Lim’s father was from Guangdong and my mother is the Hainan people. The whole family in the age of, he immigrated to the United States of California. At a young age, Phillip Lim, just from a seamstress mother inherited the sensitivity to the garment.
Show the trend:
This year, Phillip Lim, spring and summer handbags go to the show is a pragmatic route, at the same time into the spring, summer, two trends - metal and printing. While spring and summer shoes are given priority to with this pair of close - the Roman shoe’s toe (bottom left and right), Hale handsome is self-evident. 13 years of autumn and winter shoes (discharge diagram) cleverly blend sandals and boots, let a person “boots sandals silly points not clear, very creative.

CFDA 2013 Menswear Designer of The Year: Thom Browne
Thom Browne’s creative and talent no one can deny that, evil spirit, strange, bizarre, sexy. You can think of many adjectives on his design, but can’t find a word to precisely describe him, perhaps this is Thom Browne’s charm. 06 years, he won the best men’s clothing design after seven years I do not know whether this year will be to win again?
The designer two or three things
1. Thom Browne’s popularity does not escape the nation speaking to and the United States, Michelle after wear it home dress, this bizarre brand also has an elegant feeling.
2. Thom Browne is a degree in economics, but it can make such weird creative work. Talent is visible.
Show the trend:
Spring/summer show on the colored checked whether to let everyone abnormal surprise? Still cute whale design, these out of pole elements together, but don’t have a taste! And fall/winter shows became “mental hospital,” lying in the mental hospital dying men, dressed in a dark grey suit, white shirt. It looks so uncoordinated is sexy, Thom Browne not only on the design repeatedly to our surprise, show also will never let people down.

Text 21 May You must know that the five big beauty designers in the United States

Often for all kinds of beautiful clothes you fondle admiringly, is behind the story is full of curiosity about them? Love famous brand, you must also will be for those designers are filled with awe and some imagination, whether they will put all my clothes were all through it again? Every new season comes they do what is innovation and design? This our will take you to the United States five beauty designer world: Diane Von Furstenberg, Vera Wang, Donna Karan, Tory ‘Burch, Rebecca Minkoff, look at their design concept and style, from their spring/summer issue to find out in the spring/summer 2013 fashion trend, the more you choose best represents their personal style paragraph 41 of the seasonal item: tropical island amorous feelings, gypsy female (style, spring, summer, candy, taste and pure and fresh and comfortable fit, perceptual beauty and so on, to let you know more about beauty comes from the interesting story behind the designer! What are you waiting for?

Diane Von Furstenberg classic American brand, founded in 1972 by the designer himself, she also has the laudatory title of “New York fashion queen,” also holds the fashion oscars - the association of American fashion designer “CFDA” life-and-death power. And its classic design, have to mention in 1973 designed the wrapped skirt (Wrap Around) Dress. “Each dress” means no zippers and buttons, only rely on the belt of tight clothes package design, based upon the design of the Japanese kimono, and cooperate with the fashionable stretch Jersey fabric and elegant geometric patterns. And another feature of DVF is her specialty printing, all kinds of atmospheric Ming an’s printing, let a person instantly recognized DVF’s design.
Suit a crowd: confident, mature and have personal style of you.
Style is not only about people’s appearance, also is the inner personality, how to behave yourself, calm as the face of life, and communicate with people. This is a part of the Style. DVF’s design is to let the ladies are full of confidence to perform the real you.

Bright orange is a DVF spring and summer colors, like this model with orange suit, feminine lines clipping, adding to the gentle elegant temperament. Collocation DVF brand printed pants, the combination of full of surprises but bring distinctive fashion sense.

Resort style print dress is also a DVF necessary money! The gradient of the dress very feminine and sexy temperament, and the other two polka dot printed silk gown and printed dresses that wipe a bosom also is the perfect choice summer beach vacation. If you want to go slightly neutral handsome that fit, this blue printing jumpsuit also swelled heads of choice.

DVF summer bag more preference of candy color applied, bright orange, light blue; grass green colors more became the new season. Pink bump color single shoulder bag is filled with the taste of summer, blue lips snakeskin handbag is very stylish and impressive, silver sequin’s handbags, but also memorable delicate arts and crafts.

Donna Karan I design and create a list of well-known brands, the pursuit of fashion, pay attention to personal taste, is the best choice of the contemporary sense of the mature steady performance. Donna Karan is based on the intuitive understanding of women’s needs and wishes, and created a from head to toe “concise seven pieces of” concept, and its integration into a swap, type of outfit. This is a revolutionary idea at the time. And Donna Karan’s signature design is to shape, touch the perceptual stretch fabrics, Cashmere, leather and metal work feeling together, perfect combination with black background.
Suit a crowd: high-level people mature by women.
If you are a mature and confidence of city ladies, if you are a nine-to-five working women, if you like simple atmospheric design, Donna Karan is your choice.

Donna Karan’s spring and summer should allow a black heaviness, but to make soft pink to occupy the entire series, but still maintain high atmospheric mature temperament. This beige strap design dress, fully show the female perfect curve. Wrap dressed pink silk dress and a gray, low-key but does not break elegant, transcendental and free from vulgarity temperament, commuting to work or dinner party, is very appropriate. And the other a mint green silk shirt collar dress is the pure and fresh but person, is more suitable for literature and art fit young girls.

Donna Karan’s DKNY line brand, design a younger, the handbags are concise air route that is perfect for elegant OL commuter. DKNY blue circle handbags, handbags and Eldon are beautiful color for depressing the commuter bring a fresh to install. And, of course, if you want to proceed with a classic joker style, white, grey, and brown are good options.

Today the Vera Wang Vera Wang is known in the fashion world, and her design style is concise and fluent, not affected by tide, because she is itself represents a trend and a kind of eternal beauty, dressed in her wedding dress in the wedding the bride look like with arts and crafts, deceptive beautiful to close degree. When the big belly Yuma Thurman married picked a with many traditional lace wedding dresses, but let the guests jig, a woman’s body can also have other original curves. Vera Wang wedding dress for the fabric properties, smooth skirt, and stereo clipping what was her attention. Put on her wedding dress, women are a work of art, in addition to appreciation and value embodiment. The quality and purity and nobility throughout has been into the design, there’s nothing like married more let a person feel a new life.
Suit a crowd: yearning beautiful palace, with dreamy colors to you
Marriage gauze of outstanding beauty queen world, order belonged to you the best for you. Suited to yearn for love is sacred, precious, and the like elegant but also yearning fairy tale fantasy world of you.

Garment of Vera Wang dress is full of surprise element; everything let women having to have the impulse. Purple large open collar small formal attire or blackish green bud silk skirt, and golden fishtail dress, blue lace dress reveals the unique charm of vera Wang type.

Text 9 May Sweet warm spring waist magic fashion accept waist dress

Waist slim MM looks at exceptionally small moving! Tighten the waist, make the waist look more slender, and the hem of the skirt can put the big chunky legs completely hidden! Spring is not a good show to show off? So, minute make up recommend a few fashions for MM nip-waited dresses!!!

Show thin black or very reasonable oh, black nip-waited dresses, let MM look at extremely elegant and well, unique design of the bubble show let MM can cover the arm of flesh; chiffon material cuff bowknot is displayed before the MM people elegant temperament!

Fluorescent yellow colours nip-waited dresses look at extremely bright eye! Bright yellow street in spring especially sucks eyes oh; Nip-waited design let MM girth more slender, with a brief paragraph green jacket, is it have Han Fan son!

Show thin black or very reasonable oh, black nip-waited dresses, let MM look extremely elegant and well. The stitching on the white skirt is placed. Falbala design more can cover MM people the elephant legs oh. White waist belt let MM girth more slender well!

Text 21 Mar Dutch movie makes use of viewers cell phones

A Dutch movie appropriately named “App” encourages movie goers to keep their mobile phones on during the movie. As a matter of fact there are additional aspects of the movie that you can only see using your cell phone.

Variety reports that “App”, the new movie by Bobby Boerman and Dutch film company 2CFilm, encourages smartphone use by offering a free app that offers enhanced features for the movie. The app can be downloaded through Google Play and the App Store. The irony is that the movie is about a 21 year old college student who wakes up after a party to find a strange app called IRIS on her phone.  While the app starts out providing the same services as Apple’s SIRI it takes a sinister turn when the app starts creating havoc on its own. That’s where the downloadable app for the movie comes in.

As Piers Nightingale, High Point’s director of acquisitions puts it, “the story feeds the app and the app feeds the story” although the film will also stand alone for those without smartphones.

According to Gizmag the app starts sending out compromising messages, photos and videos.  Using the free movie app, viewers can see the compromising items on their phones as the characters in the movie receive them.  There are also additional scenes and background information that are also available on viewers phones.

The technology coordinating the app with the movie is pretty sophisticated. It uses a special watermarking technology.  The technology was created in a collaboration with Service2Media and Civolution and is based on Civolution’s SyncNow system. The technology uses the same “Automatic Content Recognition technology that powers the Shazam and Soundhound apps”. The audio watermark can’t be heard by people. It will be present on all versions of the film whether seen on the big screen, on DVD or streaming on computer.  The technology is the same regardless of the language version viewers are watching.

The movie opens in The Netherlands on April 4th. High Point Media Group, a UK media company will make the film available outside of The Netherlands so for those of you interested in a unique movie experience, you should be able to access the movie soon.  You will have to register with the site to stream the movie.

Even though the App encourages audiences to keep their phones on during the movie, it doesn’t address the problem of viewers receiving phone calls.  Since you have to have your phone on and I presume the sound as well to view additional scenes, preventing phones from ringing during the film could be problematic.

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